Tired of the systems and technology killing a game mid-session?  Use this digital download to print and maintain your encounters off the screen and harken back to the days of pencil and paper. 


Inside you will receive instructions on how to use this book, GM tips, blank and sample encounter pages, as well as some rolling tables. 


Keep track of initiative, HP, and more!


This encounter builder book is the digital version for you to review and print what is needed for your table.


If you would like the full book in a physical version, head over to our Amazon Author page.

Encounter Builder for 5e - Digital

SKU: Digital - Encounter Book 1
    • Overview on how to use the encounter sheets
    • Tips on how to run and create engaging combat
    • Two samples on how to use the sheets
    • Two blank pages that can be printed multiple times at home or at your local print store.
      • Note: these are bleed pages so margins need to be adjusted
    • Two pages of mundane items that can be found but not break your world if players search an area you were not ready for