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Recommended Products

A quick note about the below.  I use affiliate links from places like Amazon and receive a commission. These funds help to keep this site up and running as well as support additional projects.  If you see a link, it is good to assume it is likely an affiliate.    The below items and services are used by me on nearly a daily basis and are only here because I truly believe they add value to my life. I also believe they can help you as well. 

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

I use the Blue Ice Snowball to record my game sessions for playback to improve my DM Style.

Polyhedral Metal Dice Set

I use high contrast dice at my table.  I typically stand when running combat and being able to see the numbers from over arm's length is extremely helpful.

Table Fables

This book has bailed me out of multiple challenges where I had not prepared the proper data for a session.  Dreams, food, items this book is a go-to resource.

Index Card RPG

This book is not a D&D Book but is part of the TTRPG community.  The GM section of this book alone is a wealth of information and is a must-read.

Dungeon Master's Guide

If you don't have this, you should.  The DMG is WOTC's official book. It's packed with a lot of information on how to run a game.

The Player's Handbook

The PHB is also a must-have. Not only as a player but as the DM as it covers rules, character creation, spells, and much more.

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