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We Are Coming


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What is in the box?

My boxes will run for roughly $60 due to my limited time as it takes hours to print, paint, and create the model for your table’s enjoyment. I do offer a 15-minute call to help you stat-block your monster to your game if desired. This call is hosted through my private discord. Sometimes they run longer, but I try to keep it lower just to be with my family at night. With that $60 you will be getting:

  • One large model is assembled and painted. This model may range anywhere from 3-6 inches tall.

  • Professionally packaged to prevent damage or breaks on the model in shipping.

  • Access to my private discord where we can have that above call and connect with others in the hobby.

  • Early Sign Ups will receive an additional bonus gift if you decide to purchase when we go live.


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