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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I once had a brilliant idea (just once). An idea that would be fun, creative, and enjoyable. Then I realized I am not an author. I can't write a book because I can never finish more than five chapters before starting another one! However, I found an outlet for myself in TTRPG and story collaboration in Dungeons and Dragons.

I am, and I am not ashamed to say it, a story facilitator. Through my time in the Dungeon Master role, I have been able to amaze, pull heartstrings, and breathe life into the tables I have run through time, dedication, and love. I hope to share my experiences in the ever-growing hobby of TTRPGs so that you can also grow and develop in your own ways as you move through your own truths and experiences.

So join me on my journey, and hopefully, I can spread a little of that knowledge along.

So, who am I?

I am a crafting DM, father, and husband passionate about sharing knowledge about this amazing hobby. But, more than anything, this blog is born of a desire to build and develop a wonderful community of like-minded individuals.

When players come to my table, I love running through a heavy narrative style of play that the players drive through their actions. I am there to provide a foundation, but they are there to build the cities and towers of the story.

I bring the world's heart. They bring lifeblood that moves it.

With my closet theater skills, I use my voice, music, ambiance, and props to immerse players in fun experiences that excite and delight through homebrew creations built from my own life experiences.

As you move through these articles, I aim to help you grow in this same vein of private theater that will wow the table for days, weeks, months, and possibly even years. Through crafts, organization, theory, and even personal growth philosophy, I will challenge, enforce, and show you ways to develop your campaigns and one-shots into the beautiful gift you wish to give your players.

Let me be your DM wingman and help you create something you are proud of.

Keep creating, keep thinking, keep wandering. This is the vow I undertake - Join me in it.

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